In 2014 Cherokee Rose and Third Moon realized that we were both creating dynamic compound vinegars and working with extraction by fermentation.  This realization came just in time for two harvest events happening in our communities.  We decided to combine forces and offer our delicious healthful concoctions as a mobile mixology bar at both events: Grow Where You Are’s “Medicine Wheel” Feast and The Athens Land Trust’s “Harvest Moon” Dinner.  Our creations were met with enthusiastic, curiosity and delight! Encouraging us to create more #WildStyle herbal vinegars bringing us together to build our social enterprise Cherokee Moon Mixology which makes available the wisdom, tradition and nutrition of our regional fruits, herbs and flowers for many to enjoy.  Come join us on the journey to rebuilding and appreciating culture through traditional food ways.

Cherokee Moon Mixology is the 2016 Slow Food Atlanta “Food Artisan of the Year”

Cast Your Vote Now! Got to: http://bit.ly/VOTECherokeeMoon Your vote matters! #SlowBrewing #WomenFarmers #HerbalAction Music used with permission from Rising Appalachia, http://www.risingappalachia.com/ Video shot and edited by Shawn Millar, http://www.arepav.com Find us at: http://www.cherokeemoonmixology.com and on facebook and instagram @cherokeemoonmixology

Cherokee Rose Botanicals

Almeta Tulloss is a passionate Artisan, Farmer, Activist, Educator, Master Composter and Herbalist. She moved to Athens to pursue a degree in food science and nutrition at UGA after working on multiple farms in rural Georgia and Nova Scotia. She has over 10 years of experience in food preparation, management and marketing and a multi-generational passion for food and farming in her southern roots. Almeta developed a love for herbs after traveling to the South Eastern Women’s Herbalism Conference multiple years in a row and sharing and learning with a variety of amazing elder herbalists. She stayed in Athens  to work with The Athens Land Trust for 1 year before becoming the Program Director of Seed Life Skills. Seed Life Skills is a nonprofit supporting contemporary Home Economics, or Family and Consumer Sciences education founded by Chef Hugh Acheson.

Third Moon Botanica

Nicole Bluh is a young AgroEcologist and traditional medicine maker.  She has traveled around the country and apprenticed or studied with master teachers in EarthWorks, Geology, Herbal Medicine,Healing and Martial Arts, and most recently with Eugene Cooke and Grow Where You Are in Agro-Ecology. Georgia is her home; where she has grown up and grown roots as a young entrepreneur learning how to combine her vision of a gifting economy and community as a priority with new-school business techniques.  Nicole has worked with, designed and run children’s programs based in Nature Connection, AgriCulture, and Life-skills. Along with co-developing the Good Shepherd AgroEcology Center and additional projects with Grow Where You Are, Nicole has built two business endeavors in the past few years including; ThirdMoon Botanica which is a line of medicines and educational programming utilizing all wildcrafted and naturally grown Georgia herbs.